Petco Houston Texas

Petco Houston Texas 

Moving to Houston Texas June 2021

Currently taking pre-reservations for my waitlist through email until an exact start date has been set



Salon Hours

Mon - Saturday 8 A.M. - 4/6 P.M.

Sun 9 A.M - 5/6 P.M.

Hours may slightly vary based on holidays and staff availability

Covid Precautions

All services are by appointment only

Masks must be worn over nose and mouth

One client in lobby at a time

No personal items are left with us other than cat kennels


Thank You

Step 1: Click "Book Online" button to go to the online booking system

Step 2: Create Account (Register)

Step 3: Choose Location

Step 4: Create your Pets Profile and Save

Step 5: Choose a Bath or a Bath and a Haircut (Additional services can be added when you check in)

NOTE: If you are looking for an appointment sooner than what appears online and/or you want specifically me to groom your pet, you will have to call in

The system will not let you double book us

so, if you have multiple pets it is best to call the salon so you can bring both in at the same time.

There is an answering machine incase we are in the middle of grooming a pet.

Online booking is not available for kitties. 



Questions or Concerns

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