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Rabies, FHV1, FCV, FPV, FeLV


Rabies, DHPP, Canine Hepatitis, Lepto

Small Animal

Rabbits RHD

Ferrets Rabies, DHPP

Guinea Pigs Ringworm Free


I only groom pets under 25LBS. Yes, I have a scale, but it would be who of you to check their weight at the vet or local pet shop before requesting an appointment to save time if you don't know.

Pet must have had a check-up within 6 months of appointment to ensure health for grooming process.


Fleas, worms, open wounds, bacterial infections and other infectious issues are not allowed. They must be treated and healed before grooming is to proceed and updated in your pet's grooming profile with appropriate dates of the medical issue and treatment. Pet will still require a flea bath if infestation is still present, regardless of being dead, and fees will apply.


Excessive matting may be turned away and referred out for veterinary assistance if my blades are unable to get through it safely.


Pets in heat, pregnant, or nursing are not allowed to be groomed to avoid blood contamination and stress induced issues.

Do not medicate pet for grooming. Calming treats, oils, and collars are acceptable after initial grooming, except for CBD due to possible THC traces. It is important for me to be able to access an animal's natural behavioral tendencies during different parts of the process to adjust my techniques to their comfort level. I will let you know after the first groom if calming aids can and/or should be tested and applied before next groom.

A $20 fee will be added if your pet requires muzzling for grooming.


All pets must maintain a minimum of a 12-week schedule.

The appointment fee is non-refundable, however, it is transferable if you reschedule within 72 hours before your appointment.

Grooming Etiquette


A reminder text or email will be sent at least 72 hours before your appointment to confirm that it still works for you and your appointment will be cancelled if you do not confirm before the end of day.


Too many no shows and cancellations will end up with you paying for your last grooming appointment before being able to book another and eventually being referred out indefinitely if you continue to hinder the business.


Honesty is the best way to ensure your pets health during the process.

Grooming time varies between pets and their needs. Do not make plans that will interfere with providing the proper service for your pet.

Please plan accordingly.


Tipping is customary, but not required.

The appointment fee is paid through PayPal, but the grooming service desired can be paid with cash, credit, debit, PayPal, or Cash App.

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