Salon Manager


     I've always had a love for animals; even the scaly types. My Leopard Gecko can be quite squirley and my Russion Tortoise Groupie is instafamous. Catch him on  groupiethetortoise. My American Cocker Spaniel Gracie and I love exploring hiking trails. Growler the Cat followed us home from one our evening walks and decided to stay. I strongly believe in working with natural and non-toxic products to help our pets live a healthy comfortable life, just like the work I put into my own life living with a gluten-free diet and practicing yoga.

Crystal Dewars


NCGIA Certified

Pet Anxiety

Skin and Coat Specialist


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     My skills and techniques have come from other groomers, animal behaviorists and veterinarian staff.  I've learned from hands on training, books, videos, seminars, educational programs and schools.  My drive to continually educate myself has helped me understand what my clients need and want, what is best for their pets, and how to work with whatever behaviors their pets may have towards the grooming process. My certifications include achieving a Master Certification in Feline Grooming and a Hair and Skin Certification from Dr. Faver, and a AKC S.A.F.E Groomer Certification. 


My goal is to provide the best information and education to my clients and groomers to keep pets healthy, happy, and live a long rewarding life.

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