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Salon Operations



The Rabies vaccine is required by the state of Texas and to assure all clients pets health and safety.  It is at your discretion to protect them against other highly contagious and fatal viruses and diseases such as Distemper, Parvo, the Feline Leukemia/Rhino Virus, and Fleas and Ticks, all of which is highly recommended. We accept paper documentation, screen shots of online records, and phone pictures of the paper documentation itself given by a licensed veterinarian.

No stickers or hand-written papers.


Worms, open wounds, bacterial infections and other infectious issues are not allowed. They must be treated and healed before grooming is to proceed. Please let us know if they have fleas, so we can get rid of those immediately before they spread throughout the salon.


Excessive matting may be turned away and referred out for veterinary assistance if our blades are unable to get through it safely.


Pets in heat, pregnant, or nursing are not allowed to be groomed.


Pets that bite may not be groomed here; with that being said, that does not mean we will not attempt to groom your pet. You will be referred out if they require a muzzle.

We do not groom pets that require veterinarian prescribed medication in order to be groomed, nor can they be on any type of sedative, Benadryl, or catnip before coming to us. They should stay at the clinic for their grooming. Calming treats, oils, and collars are acceptable.


All pets must maintain a minimum of an 12-week bath schedule.


If at any time, it is no longer safe to groom your pet due to health or behavior issues, you will be referred out to a veterinarian groomer, mobile groomer, or private salons with muzzles.

Grooming Etiquette

Please arrive a few minutes early to allow enough time to do a proper consultation and paperwork. Late fee's start at $15 if we are able to still squeeze you in. We will call at least 72 hours before your appointment to confirm that it still works for you and your appointment will be cancelled if you do not confirm within 48 hours of your appointment. Too many no shows and cancellations will end up with you paying for your last appointment before being able to book another and eventually being referred out indefinitely if you continue to hinder our business.


Please be honest about your pets' special needs and grooming issues before making an appointment to ensure the proper appointment is made with the appropriate groomer, and enough time is available on the groomer's schedule to complete in a timely manner. Some pets can be done in a couple hours while some need at least half the day, so do not make other appointments that may interfere with their grooming. Multiple pets can take longer.


Do not rush the groomer. That is how accidents happen and pets become frightened. We will always call when they are ready for pick up and occasionally can give you a 15-minute heads up. You will have to contact a store associate to check on your pet's status in the middle of their groom due to us not being able to answer the phone while working on your pet to ensure our focus is on their safety and well-being.


This is not a boarding facility. We are not allowed to take them out for potty breaks; nor do we have the kennel space to hold them all day.


Please plan accordingly.


Tipping is customary. Groomers are paid in all sorts of ways, but we generally have a quota to meet in order to receive any incentive payout, so we are also working for tips.

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