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Pasadena Petco Salon Manager


Grooming Specialized for Your Pets Needs

Holistic Grooming Practices to ensure the mental and physical well-being of your pets.

Shampoos, Conditioners, Spa's and Treatments designed for your pet's skin and coat needs

Available at the Pasadena Texas Petco with Senior Stylist and Salon Manager Crystal Dewars.


Just Me


I've always had a love for animals; even the scaly types. My Leopard Gecko can be quite squirrely and my Russian Tortoise Groupie is instafamous. Catch him on groupiethetortoise. My American Cocker Spaniel Gracie and I love exploring hiking trails, but due to her age she doesn't quite have the stamina for it anymore. Growler the Cat followed us home from one our evening walks and decided to call us home. I love to learn. I spend most of my off time learning about the pet industry and its new and upcoming styles, techniques, and products. I alternate between that and self-improvement reading to maintain my sanity and learn new life lessons or hacks. My family and friend time is important to me, so I take quite a few trips throughout the year. Continue on reading to learn more about my grooming background.....

Grooming Background


Holistic grooming for me is about focusing on what your pet is most comfortable with. The intention is to create a less stressful experience, one they will not fear. It is great for introductory grooming for first timers and for those that have had traumatic experiences in the past. I insist on being honest with my clients about their pets needs and issues while I work with them. If you don't heed my recommendations after being told twice, it is unlikely we will work together again.


My skills and techniques have come from other groomers, animal behaviorists and veterinarian staff going back from 2005 to the present.  I've learned from hands on training, books, videos, seminars, educational programs and schools.  My drive to continually educate myself has helped me understand what my clients need and want, what is best for their pets, and how to work with whatever behaviors their pets may have towards the grooming process. I only groom cats and dogs up to 25LBS, but you can book your larger pups with my groomers.


My certifications include achieving a Master Certification in Feline Grooming, a Pet Hair and Skin Certification from Dr. Faver, an AKC S.A.F.E Salon Groomer Certification, and a Pet Emergency CPR and First Aid Certification.




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My goal is to provide the best information and education to my clients and groomers to keep pets healthy, happy, and live a long rewarding life.

Features and Reviews

Featured In the Voyage Houston Magazine in the Daily Inspiration Section

and the National Cat Groomers Institution Association Magazine

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Customer Reviews:

Crystal always does an amazing job with my dog Charlie!! My pup is a poodle and on the difficult side when it comes to getting groomed (due to his hyper, curious, and playful nature) but Crystal is so patient and kind with him and it shows!! Thanks Crystal! I feel comfortable leaving my baby with her! I also would definitely recommend pet parents visit her with your babies.

Delisa Rodriguez

Brought my 8 year old cat in to Crystal for his first groom. She did a wonderful job with him and was patient with him as well. Definitely would use Crystal again.

Juli Drain

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